Approaching Estate: methodologies for practices of site and place

Wednesday 10 April - Friday 12 April 2019

I will be taking part in Approaching Estate, a sensingsite event organised by Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and held at Furherfield Commons, Finsbury Park. I’ll be speaking from 2pm on Wednesday 10 April. For the full programme and abstracts please see HERE. I will mainly discuss research-led project IROPI and my PhD research.


‘Approaching Estate is a four-day encounter with the specificities of site, place and landscape as contexts for artistic and other creative enquiry.

The event will consist of interlinking presentations, field performances, films and discussions gathering together a range of artistic, interdisciplinary and collaborative practices. These include experimental cartographies, situated practices, interfaith cultural exchange and creative critiques of land ownership and management.

We are using an expanded idea of estate to encompass the various ways in which space is configured, managed, and conceptualised as place, an approach which involves a broad community of interests and rights.

Approaching Estate is concerned with examining the ethics and efficacy of methodologies of engagement; the protocols and terms of socially-engaged practices; the agency and possibilities afforded by creative practices; the beneficiaries and benefits of the work produced; meaningful and sustainable processes of collaboration.

The core ethos of Approaching Estate is that critical research arises from shared processes of exchange, with the aim of setting agendas for future practice.’